Functional and Strong Marriage

It can be quite a difficult thing maintaining a happy marriage. The divorce rates are somewhere around 55% and 15-25% are people who are too scared to leave or are accustomed to their misery, showing no love to their children sometimes and setting bad examples for when they grow older and enter dating years. If you are not getting these type of marriages you want, let me give you a swift kick in the butt and tell you that it is your fault basically, but do not worry, if you are fully committed to understanding and even changing yourself in the process, there is no mountain you cannot climb.
• The key is self-improvement
Let me quickly tell you that if you want to improve yourself, in life, as a person and not get just strong forever lasting marriages, but get long lasting relationships, or hell just even play the field for a while if that’s the type of person you want to be, I highly recommend going to this website . The owner of this website Coach Corey Wayne has incredible knowledge and experience in those spheres of life. I recommend reading his book called “How to be a 3% man”. While the title suggests it will only help men, this book works for women too, because it sets them an example for what men to look for. You might be currently asking yourself “Oh, a book, great, what if it doesn’t work for me?”. Well to answer your question, I have tried this book out and the results are amazing, but there is a catch. You (as anything great in life) have to work hard by reading it atleast 10-15 times. That is very hard. The plus side is that you can read it from your phone on amazon kindle. I have currently read this book 13 times and still planning on reading it after i get a cell phone repair.
• Conclusion: I am not here to review a product or be a commercial, but let’s be real guys and girls, this is the quickest way I (as an average person) can help you without going into depth and theories. Thank you for reading this.