How to build a strong marriage

If you’ve ever watched couples who appear happy together and silently wondered if you and your spouse could ever be like them, the answer is, yes you can. A happy and strong marriage isn’t just a preserve of a few, it is something that can happen to anyone.

The only thing that sets happy couples apart from unhappy couples is how each party goes about their marriage. Happy couples do things which strengthen their marriage whereas unhappy couples tend to do things which tear at the fabric of their marriage.

Do you want to see a positive change in your marriage? Do you want you and your significant other to enjoy the marital bliss that you’ve only watched other couples enjoy from a distance? If yes, it’s time to start doing things right. Here is a list of seven things you can do to strengthen your marriage:

Cultivate friendship

Marriage is a lifelong journey. It’s a journey that is filled with ups and down and a lot of uncertainties. There’s no better way to travel it than to walk alongside someone you call a friend. Doing so makes it more meaningful and also serves to lighten any load that you may have to bear. For all these reasons, you should seek to be friends with your partner.

Treat your partner not only as a lover but also as a friend. Spend time with them, talk to them and even tell them about yourself, play with them, have fun with them, encourage them. All these will help you cultivate a friendship with your spouse.

Be kind to your spouse

If you have been unkind to your spouse then you need to stop doing so and start being nice to them. Aim to be good towards your partner. Avoid criticizing or deriding them every time and instead speak words which build them up. If they are too tired, offer to help them with a task and if they are unwell, attend to them.

Trust your partner

Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship. Without it, a relationship is as good as nonexistent. Your spouse will feel better knowing that you trust them than when you’re continuously suspicious or distrustful of them. A partner who has to endure a mate who doubts them could feel like they have no breathing space or that the relationship isn’t worth it.

Try and be trusting of your partner. Avoid trying to follow their every movement or even snooping on personal things such as phones. You should also aim to be trustworthy as trust is mutual.

Be dependable

You should be someone that your spouse can count on in their time of need. As a married couple, you should be your spouse number one support system. Your spouse shouldn’t have to look externally for support when it is a situation where you are able to help.

Let yourself be someone your significant other can depend on when they are in need. Be there for them in tough times and never turn your back on them when they need you the most.

Effective communication

Effective communication is the canvas on which a strong marriage is woven. Any relationship expert will tell you about the importance of proper communication between a couple.

Seek to communicate your feelings instead of keeping quiet and expecting your spouse to understand what’s going through your mind. Also, communicate your feelings in a loving way and not in a way that shows criticism or blame for your partner.

Sexual intimacy

Sexual intimacy in a marriage is very important, it serves to strengthen the bond between the two marriage partners. Never neglect the sexual intimacy part of your marriage. Seek to be sexually attractive to your partner and also try out things that spice up your sex life.


Faith plays a part in building a strong marriage. You should pray for divine help in your marriage.

A strong marriage offers peace of mind

If you and your spouse are happy together, you will most likely experience peace in other areas of your life. Your peace and wellness as a married person is to a large extent tied to the state of your marriage.

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